Our Integrated Model

Flexible solutions. Scalable delivery. Unparalleled patient care.

With every step along the commercialization journey and beyond, your needs flex and change. You deserve a partner that can anticipate those needs and expertly support you and your patients through these changes. By leveraging our integrated service model, we customize solutions to support our partners at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Anticipating changes in the dynamic healthcare landscape

Responding to insights developed through our relationships with patients, healthcare providers, and payers, we continually evolve our services to create better experiences across the continuum of care. 

We are committed to evolving with the changing healthcare landscape and identifying innovative solutions that leverage new approaches and technology that enhance the experience for our customers and our patients. Being a leader in patient support services allows us to view digital solutions through a unique lens—because we can see them as enhancements to this patient experience.

The true value of our integrated model lies in its ability to flex and adapt to your needs as our partner, delivering comprehensive data from every step of the journey to shape and inform business decisions. Our solutions create efficiencies that streamline care delivery, seamlessly integrate into patients’ daily lives, and ultimately, contribute to increased treatment adherence and better health outcomes.

Seamless solutions with the patient at the heart.

During pre- and post-commercialization of your product within the Canadian market, we provide valued solutions that create efficiencies for our partners, and better experiences for patients.

3PL and Importation

As your fully-licensed importer of record and logistics partner, we can develop a customized model that scales with your business, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your product will get to your patients when needed.

Regulatory Services

TPIreg has a solid reputation, with expertise in all areas of Regulatory Affairs including; regulatory strategic consulting, marketing applications, publishing, post-marketing life cycle, regulatory writing, and CMC/Quality. TPIreg also provides Quality Assurance consulting services.

InnomarConsulting™ Services

Whether you’re an established manufacturer, or entering the Canadian market for the first time, we provide valued market access, market research and HEOR expertise to help ensure the successful commercialization of your product in Canada.

Patient Support Programs

Our customized support and reimbursement programs further the success of your product by ensuring patients have timely access to the medications they need, and quality care throughout their treatment journey.

InnomarClinics™ and Nursing

Across Canada, our dedicated team of nurses helps ensure proper drug administration and patient training by delivering trusted patient care in our InnomarClinics™ and in patients’ homes.


Good Pharmacovigilance Practice is the foundation of patient safety and public confidence in medicines. We offer complete solutions that maximize patient safety while minimizing the risk to manufacturers.

Specialty Distribution

We design customized logistics strategies to help ease your supply chain complexity, thereby reducing management costs, while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to safe storage, handling and delivery.


With a network of InnomarPharmacies™ across Canada, our knowledgeable staff ensures the proper handling and delivery of complex specialty medications, while helping patients with product education and adherence counsel.

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Manufacturers new to Canada

Commercializing in Canada

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If you are a manufacturer entering the Canadian market for the first time, we can help you understand the unique challenges of our complex regulatory and market access systems. Our combination of real-world data generation, in-market expertise and industry-shaping thought leadership will help you develop targeted commercialization strategies and seamless implementation to ensure the success of your product. To get you started, here are a few key considerations to lay the groundwork for your successful commercialization journey in Canada.
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As patients' and partners' needs grow and change, so do our services and how we deliver them.