Specialty Distribution

Experience applied to complex distribution decisions

Through our national specialty distribution network, we ensure patients receive the life-saving medication they need, when they need it. We also reduce supply chain complexity and management costs for you, our client. As your partner, we’ll design a logistics strategy customized to your current and future portfolio, with an uncompromising commitment to safe storage, handling and shipment.

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Logistics that protect product integrity

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We offer a full suite of scalable logistics services, including wholesaling and distribution, driving value throughout the product lifecycle. We have extensive experience with the handling and storage of delicate specialty products, especially those requiring cold-chain and climate-controlled environments. Our GMP-compliant storage facilities are temperature-mapped and qualified, with a validated monitoring system that helps prevent temperature excursions before they occur. Most importantly, our distribution centres reduce the risk of product waste by eliminating the need to maintain inventory with multiple wholesalers and distributors.
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Committed to quality

Getting patients safe and secure access to your specialty product is our main priority. We have over 15 years of expertise navigating the regulatory environment around the safe handling and storage of specialty pharmaceuticals. We’ve built an efficient, customer-focused distribution model, while continuing to explore innovative processes and systems to further improve our responsiveness. Comprehensive Quality Control and Quality Assurance measures ensure adherence to your SOPs and Health Canada GMP guidelines, while prioritizing access for patients.

Specialty logistics services

Additional services include:

  • Multilingual customer service staff, including product complaint handling
  • Onsite QA services
  • Management of clinical trial and ancillary supplies
  • Promotional material support
  • Compassionate use/special access programmes

Logistics services include:

  • Lot/expiry tracking

  • Repack capabilities, returns and reverse logistics

  • Validated inventory systems with full traceability

  • Real time electronic data interchange (EDI)

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Streamlining every part of your supply chain

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Specialty distribution can be offered as a stand-alone service, or integrated with other programs, like our nationwide pharmacy network, or a patient support program. No matter the distribution model, we will work with you to develop a logistics strategy customized to your business needs.
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Patient Support Programs

Our distribution and specialty pharmacy capabilities enable us to coordinate product delivery directly to the patient through one of our Patient Support Programs (PSPs). In addition to providing manufacturers valuable ordering and persistency data, our PSPs can facilitate medication delivery to a patient’s preferred infusion location. At our InnomarClinics™, our scheduling system integrates with our distribution center ordering system, so that orders can be placed directly and efficiently, with no re-keying of information.

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