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Commercialization Services

Bring your new specialty medication to Canada

Avoid Unnecessary Delays in Canada's Complex Market

For manufacturers new to the Canadian healthcare system, understanding the diverse regulatory and reimbursement landscape can be daunting. With 10 provinces and three territories—each with its own approach to public drug coverage, review processes, timelines and priorities—you need an experienced partner with in-depth knowledge to help guide your successful commercialization strategy.
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What you need to know about launching your drug in Canada

End-to-end commercialization services

Is your drug establishment license timed properly with your submission? How will you handle your logistics and pharmacovigilance support? How are you preparing your patient support and data requirements? These are just some of the areas that can cause you unnecessary delays without proper guidance in the evolving Canadian market. The journey to bring complex, or innovative, pharmaceutical products into Canada requires a partner who is laser-focused on the requirements for a strategic launch and operationalizing throughout the product lifecycle. 

A fully Integrated Approach

We can help you successfully enter and operate in Canada. Let’s work together.

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