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Commercialization Services

Welcome to Canada. Let us support you through your journey.

For manufacturers new to the Canadian healthcare system, understanding our diverse regulatory and reimbursement landscape can be daunting. With 10 provinces and three territories—each with its own approach to public drug coverage, review processes, timelines and priorities—you need an experienced partner with in-depth knowledge to help guide your successful commercialization strategy.
Your Canadian commercialization partner

End-to-end commercialization services

The journey to bring complex, or innovative, products into the ever evolving Canadian market requires a partner who is laser-focused on the requirements for a strategic launch and operationalizing throughout the product lifecycle. 

The right partner for a manufacturer who is new to Canada, is someone who is easy to work with, understands the landscape and understands our patients and physicians. Ultimately, you want a turnkey partner who is not just a consultant, but can also do the work.

- Guy payette, President

It all comes down to data

AvidityHealth facilitates connectivity of the healthcare ecosystem to digital solutions across the patient journey. Current AvidityHealth digital products include EMR enrolment, HCP enrolment portals, our Genesis CRM, payment platforms, technology solutions and our Chronically Simple patient app. Through AvidityHealth, Innomar will continue to invest in developing new digital products that will simplify the patient journey through innovative healthcare connectivity. 
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We’re here for you at every step

Innomar Strategies doesn’t just consult on how to enter the Canadian market, we help you operationalize and deliver a consistent patient experience at every touch-point. Learn more about how our integrated services optimize product performance and enhance patient care.
Our Integrated Approach

We can help you successfully enter and operate in Canada. Let’s work together.

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