InnomarClinics™ and Nursing

Compassionate, convenient care

Our nurses who work in InnomarClinics, in physicians' offices, and in home care settings are providing compassionate care in communities across Canada. Our team is passionate about what they do—providing expert care to both patients enrolled in our support programs, or referred directly from their physicians for specialty infusions, injections, education, and clinical trial support.

Patients and healthcare providers

Partnering in your care

If you require specialty medication, we’re here to support you throughout your treatment journey. Whether you come to one of our InnomarClinics through a patient support program, or because you were referred directly by your healthcare provider, our experienced staff will walk alongside you, every step of the way. Learn how we support you, including what you need to know to prepare for your appointment.

Connected to your community

95% of Canadians live within 50km of an InnomarClinic.

With 145+ clinics, we have the most accessible footprint nationwide.

We provide home healthcare in 700+ Canadian cities.

Innomar employs 400+ registered nurses nationwide.

An InnomarClinic

Explore our clinics

An InnomarClinic
Every InnomarClinic is fully owned and operated by Innomar, ensuring consistent delivery of the highest quality patient care and compliance with nursing best practices. Flexible scheduling and accommodating treatment sites ensure unequaled patient access to our clinic and home services. In addition to administering patient injections and infusions, our nurses educate patients and their caregivers, support treatment compliance, and monitor patient outcomes.
An InnomarClinic

I was so impressed by the courtesy and kindness from your nurse at your clinic. She made me feel very comfortable and made the whole experience much easier.

–Rheumatoid arthritis patient

Putting the patient first


Creating an outstanding patient experience is about removing barriers to care so that patients can focus on what matters most—their health. Quality and safety protocol adherence is paramount to our success. Our e-reporting platforms and Quality Assessment (QA) audits ensure visibility and open lines of communication across the continuum of care. 


Patient safety is our highest priority. We implement and audit safety protocols consistently and rigorously, nationwide. Every nurse in our network is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and participates in risk mitigation programs to ensure patient safety. 


Our nurses complete extensive training in client-approved program- and product-specific work instructions, including adverse event training prior to working on any new program. Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, our nurses document their best practices, which are audited regularly. Our regional nurse educators and management team trains every nurse to maintain consistency and build upon existing expertise throughout our entire network.
Female oncology patient looking out the window

Meeting patients where they are

Healthcare at home

Female oncology patient looking out the window
For some patients, traveling to a clinic can be difficult. That’s why we offer homecare support for patients where travel is not feasible. Our field nurses offer the same service, care and treatment that a patient would receive in our clinic or physician’s office, all in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Additionally, we offer the flexibility for some patients to receive care at work, school, or other settings, to help maintain routine and normalcy.
Female oncology patient looking out the window

Creating a seamless patient experience

Patient Support Programs

When our nursing and clinic services are paired with a Patient Support Program (PSP), our team works closely with nurse case managers, reimbursement specialists and pharmacists to streamline the patient experience. Our integrated solutions have been shown to increase compliance, generate meaningful insights for manufacturers, and improve patient outcomes.

Exceptional care for your patients. Unequaled patient access to a seamless integrated service offering.