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InnomarPharmacy™ Network

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Specialty expertise. Convenience and care for our patients.

You depend on knowledgeable staff and reliable services to ensure the proper handling and support for complex medications. With pharmacies across Canada, our team offers expert and convenient support that fits your needs. Our pharmacy services can also be directly integrated with Patient Support Programs in order to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for patients.
helping patients navigate

Helping patients navigate specialty medications

helping patients navigate
In every InnomarPharmacy, our experienced staff provides patients and healthcare professionals with a variety of prescription support services. As experts in the compounding, dispensing, and handling of biologics and other specialty medications, our pharmacists consult with patients regarding therapeutic management, storage, potential drug interactions, disease education and counselling. Whether there are questions about medication and treatment plans, financial assistance, prescription transfer or renewal, our team is there to help. If you require any additional support or would like to inquire about a specific service, please contact us.
helping patients navigate

Getting medication to patients, when and where they need it

Coordinated clinic delivery

Our pharmacies deliver directly to InnomarClinic™ locations, physicians’ offices and other clinics, coordinating with patient therapeutic schedules to ensure timely delivery of medications at the site of administration.

Convenient delivery options

Our coast-to-coast pharmacies enable flexible, secure delivery of medications directly to patients’ homes or offices when it is convenient for them, including evening and weekend options. 

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Seamless patient support with assured medication integrity

Young man scanning refrigerated medicine
Our InnomarPharmacies integrate seamlessly with Patient Support Programs to streamline medication delivery, consistently coordinate patient counsel, and ease the burden of treatment on the patient. All our pharmacies are equipped and standardized for proper cold-chain storage and handling procedures to ensure your medication’s integrity is maintained as part of a seamless patient experience.
Young man scanning refrigerated medicine

Specialty products are our focus. Specialized patient care is our passion.

specialty products