Update on InnomarClinics
InnomarClinics remain open to our patients amidst coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. All patients will be required to put on a mask prior to entering our clinic and to keep it on throughout the entire visit.

Our COVID-19 response

We are focused on providing the logistics support needed to help ensure residents in all corners of Canada have safe and timely access to a vaccine.

Receiving Covid vaccine supply

Evolving the patient journey experience

AvidityHealth’s suite of digital solutions generate and connect data across multiple sources, bridging existing gaps between the essential human touch patients require, and the efficiencies healthcare providers need.

Take the direct route to commercialization

Bring your new specialty medication to Canada. 
Avoid unnecessary delays.

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20th anniversary - Celebrating 20 years of serving Canadians

Reinventing Canadian market access from the dining room table

What started as a three-person huddle in 2001 became a modern fixture of Canadian healthcare. Here's how Innomar Strategies went from a small team with big dreams to the largest COVID-19 vaccine distribution vendor in Canada's history.

It all starts with the patient.

Our guiding principle is simple: When your patients are well supported, so is your product.

Our active commitment to exceptional patient care is why we established an integrated healthcare service network that reaches across Canada. It’s how we ensure your patients experience reliable access to your product, as well as seamless, quality care throughout their treatment journey.

Discover who we are

Our clinics and pharmacies coast to coast

With over 145 clinics across Canada, and pharmacies in every province, we provide convenient access to the medications you need.

Our global AmerisourceBergen family

Connecting creators and caregivers

The pandemic especially has heightened the urgency in the world for patient access to lifesaving medicines and cutting-edge therapies with an emphasis on health equity, efficiency, and reliability. 

Now is the right time for us to be focused on increasing our AmerisourceBergen global connectivity and bringing all we have as a unified organization to address the urgent health needs.

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Digital innovation in patient support

Innomar Strategies
August 2021

The best patient support programs simplify enrolment and product access while making it easy for healthcare providers to access data about the patient’s journey. Yet there's been little innovation in the PSP space to date. Get healthcare provider perspectives on how to optimize patient support programs for chronic disease.


Drug development checklist: what to look for in a commercialization partner

Innomar Strategies
August 2021


Post launch checklist: what to look for in a commercialization partner

Innomar Strategies
August 2021

Careers with purpose

Every day, our associates help patients live healthier futures. Whether by providing innovative market access solutions, or compassionate care delivery, we are energized by the purpose behind our work. With an unwavering commitment to corporate citizenship, our associates are also making an impact on the lives of their communities. Join us, and together we’ll do something remarkable.