Patient Support Programs

When your patients are well supported, so is your product.

Innomar Strategies is Canada’s leading service provider for Patient Support Programs. We operate the most comprehensive national network of full-service specialty support and reimbursement programs. Each is customized to ensure the success of the product and that patients have timely access to the medications they need and quality care throughout their treatment journey. We can do the same for you and your patients.

"We are incredibly fortunate that your field nurse arranged for the care of our son while he was away at camp. We truly feel you are an advocate for our son’s health."

-Father of patient

Supporting patients across Canada

Our patient support team is comprised of bilingual nurse case managers, reimbursement specialists, as well as drug safety associates who provide dedicated support to patients enrolled in our programs. With expertise in nursing, healthcare, and the insurance industry, our team members receive extensive training on specialty medications and the Canadian market access landscape to ensure your patients have the best experience possible. Whether our associates are assisting with the reimbursement process or scheduling an injection or infusion appointment at an InnomarClinic™, or the patient’s home, your patients receive a caring and knowledgeable experience at every step of their journey.

Timely access to needed therapies

Navigating our complex healthcare system is difficult for patients, especially when they have been prescribed a specialty medication. Our solutions can alleviate anxiety, help identify potential barriers to access, and increase speed to therapy for your patients.

Innovative financial assistance solutions

Even with drug plan coverage, there are some medications that pose financial restrictions for patients. We work with manufacturers to design appropriate co-pay or compassionate access strategies for patients that have limited financial resources. We assist with testing claims through our InnomarPharmacy™ and managing the delivery of funds and drug plan payments through our programs. We also offer innovative financial assistance and payment solutions through Cameron Stewart LifeSciences.

Skilled reimbursement navigation

Our reimbursement specialists help patients and healthcare providers through the complex reimbursement process, one step at a time. We support patients and caregivers during a time of potential stress and confusion, working directly with healthcare professionals, governing public bodies or private insurers to facilitate the process. With expertise in public and private drug plans, we help patients complete the necessary paperwork and process to ensure they initiate therapy without administrative delays. When required, we can even facilitate the appeal process if needed.

Supporting patient adherence

Ensuring patients adhere to their medication schedule is a key component for any successful treatment regimen. Our case managers, nurses and pharmacists are there to ensure patients are complying with their prescribed therapy by scheduling injection/infusion appointments, making reminder calls and designing customized adherence plans. We also offer specialized education, dietary support and other technology solutions to help improve adherence and health outcomes.
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Commitment to quality

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Our comprehensive quality assurance policies encompass several areas, including internal audits and inspections, maintaining business continuity plans and implementing standardized training for our associates. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the core of our business and our electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) platform ensures all associates are properly trained and notified when changes are made to an applicable SOP. Our eQMS is linked to our Learning Management System for an integrated approach to tracking and monitoring associate training schedules.
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What is measured can be improved.

Innomar has seen a shift in how patients, caregivers and healthcare providers want to find and receive information from their Patient Support Programs. We are committed to investing in technology and digital solutions to enhance the patient experience and better serve our customers. Government and payer agencies are also moving to more e-services, and Innomar is continuing to build key partnerships to ensure we are strongly positioned to constantly evolve our services and data delivery. Our commitment to innovation is to ensure seamless patient care and efficient access to critical information.
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"The team I work with at Innomar is very passionate about the patient. To me, that’s the foundation of what a good program needs." 


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