Update on InnomarClinics
InnomarClinics remain open to our patients amidst coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. All patients will be required to put on a mask prior to entering our clinic and to keep it on throughout the entire visit.

Patients and Healthcare Providers

You are at the heart of everything we do.

From the very beginning, we’ve been dedicated to helping you access the medication you need, when you need it. Even as we grow, we’re focused on developing programs that make it easier for you to get back to living your life. Wherever you are in your treatment journey, we’re here for you.

Innomar Vaccine Policy

At AmerisourceBergen, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.  As a Canadian healthcare company, and a critical part of patient care and the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain in Canada, we take that responsibility seriously.  We are part of the health science industry and strongly support the work of our pharmaceutical manufacturing partners.  We need to act like a community to ensure we protect our immunocompromised patients, our fellow colleagues and the community at large.  Our vaccine policy aligns to our vision of a healthier future, ensures we are part of the solution to this global pandemic and reinforces our commitment to putting the patient at the heart of everything we do.

Innomar has a mandatory vaccination policy and all Innomar employees will be required to be in compliance with this policy.

The safety of our patients, our employees and the community is important to Innomar Strategies.

Tour our clinic

All of our InnomarClinic locations are fully owned and operated by Innomar. We take great care in ensuring that you receive the highest quality patient care in a safe and inviting atmosphere.

Take a look inside our clinic in Toronto, Ontario.

Our clinics and pharmacies coast to coast

With over 145 clinics across Canada, and pharmacies in every province, we provide convenient access to the medications you need.

Convenient lab testing and coordinated services

Undergoing treatment for a chronic or rare disease can feel like an endless series of steps, often requiring trips to various locations. At our InnomarClinics, we make every effort to maximize accessibility and convenience by completing lab testing and blood work at the same site of care, whenever possible. Some of these services include:
  • Routine blood work and vaccines
  • TB blood and skin testing
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)
  • Quanteferron Testing
  • Calprotectin (CalPRO) collection and coordination
  • Liver fibro-elasticity
  • SuperSonic Aixplorer (Shear Wave Elastography)
  • Fibroscan (Transient Elastography)
  • PASI assessments
Nurse smiling down to a sitting senior patient

Preparing for your appointment

Nurse smiling down to a sitting senior patient

We know that starting a new treatment regimen can feel overwhelming under the best of circumstances, especially if it includes an injectable or infused medication. That’s why we take such care to ensure our InnomarClinics are welcoming spaces, staffed by qualified nurses who will support you every step of the way. Taking a moment to learn what to expect at your first appointment will help you feel even more relaxed when you walk through our doors for the first time. 

Nurse smiling down to a sitting senior patient

Patients and caregivers living with a complex illness understand that it impacts everything. So do we.

Experience in Rare Disease Support

We understand the individualized attention and customized care required for patients with rare diseases, as well as the support required for their caregivers. Our team members are extensively trained on the intricacy of rare disease reimbursement and the dynamics of rare disease education, dietary and social plans, along with genetic test coordination. 

Our Oncology Expertise

Serious, time-sensitive and complex clinical situations place an incredible emotional strain on patients and caregivers. You deserve the highest quality services through efficient and knowledgeable support. Innomar brings tremendous oncology experience with our patient services that complement the care provided through Cancer Centres and within your community, simplifying the journey from receiving your diagnosis, to treatment, and ongoing support. 

Experience in Immunology

As the Canadian leader in Immunology patient support services, we coordinate care for injectables, infusions, and oral therapies. Our experienced case management and nursing teams enable us to provide exceptional coordination for patient care that is personalized to the needs of patients. We are constantly striving to understand evolving patient and physician needs and incorporate learning into our approach to care.

Support throughout your journey

Our services are designed to create a seamless patient experience. Here are just a few more ways we support you.

Patient Support Programs

With regular check-ins to assist you with reimbursement, help manage your appointments, and just to explain what to expect, your case manager will become a trusted partner in your care.
Call centre associate

Clinics and Nursing

Our nurses provide exceptional patient care in over 700 Canadian cities, and in the most accessible clinic footprint nationwide. Take a closer look at how our nurses care for patients in your neighbourhood.
Nurse taking blood pressure of male patient

We are InnomarPharmacy™

When you choose InnomarPharmacy™, you’re choosing personalized care and peace of mind.

See how we can help take the burden of managing your specialty medications off your shoulders.

Wherever you are in your treatment journey, we’re here for you. When you choose InnomarPharmacy™, you’re choosing us.

Caring for the growing needs of our community

At InnomarPharmacy™ we provide supportive care at every step of your journey. Whether you have questions about your condition, medication and treatment plan, or even your insurance coverage, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable pharmacy staff are trained and certified in specialty medications, and are here to provide convenient support that fits your needs.

Our services are designed for your convenience and comfort.

  • Diagnostic testing services, if required
  • Free counseling by phone or in person
  • Navigation and coordination of insurance coverage
  • Flexible payment options
  • Integration with your Patient Support Program
  • Medication delivery to your home, work, or other preferred location
  • Automated reminder/follow-up calls for prescription refills


Contact us between 8:30am-4:30pm (Pharmacy hours may vary by province)

Pharmacist examining  bottle of medication in his hand

Providing the support you need, from a care team you can trust.