August 8, 2017

On the Wellness Journey Together

At Innomar Strategies, we know that healthy and happy associates are the backbone of a productive and sustainable business.  That’s why in 2015, Innomar formalized its approach to employee wellness by creating a dedicated Workplace Wellness team.  From its humble beginnings, the Wellness Team has launch numerous company-wide initiatives and partnered with other health companies to offer a well-rounded program for associates.

What does Workplace Wellness offer?

Our Workplace Wellness committee is dedicated to creating a balanced work environment that empowers associates to be remarkable.  The following is just a sample of the activities that our Workplace Wellness team organizes at Innomar:


Fresh Fruit Fridays – To promote healthy nutrition habits, once a month the Wellness team provides fresh fruit first thing in the morning in the company kitchen. Get there early… it always disappears quickly.

Mental Health

Mental Health Initiative – Innomar has partnered with Not Myself Today, a workplace program which helps to reduce stigma and foster a supportive work culture for mental health awareness.
The Dock – A specially designed room dedicated to peaceful relaxation and quiet reflection in the middle of a busy work day.
Mindful Meditation Sessions – This new initiative planned for 2018, aims to provide mindful meditation sessions that puts the body at ease and improves the present state of mind. 

Physical Activity 

Discounted Gym Membership – Innomar has partnered with local and national fitness facilities to provide discounted memberships to its employees. We would like to make exercise more accessible for all associates across the country.
Walker tracker Step Challenge – We hosted three online step challenges for associates in the past year. Through these online challenges, individuals and teams could compete and track their progress through various landscapes including Brazil, Australia, and Canada. For our 150 Challenge, teams walked past iconic Canadian landmarks totaling 22,838,807 steps! (The equivalent 3.2 trips across North America!)
Yoga Wednesdays – A professional yoga instructor leads this relaxation-based yoga session that aims to improve the body-mind connection and provides associates the time needed to de-stress.
Tai Chi Routine (Montreal) – Associate-led Tai Chi sessions occur every two weeks to promote stress relief and physical activity in the office environment.
Summer Softball (Oakville) – Our co-ed softball team plays in the local intermural league in Burlington.  Not only are our associates getting active, they’re having a blast at the same time.


Wellness Matters Newsletter – Every associate receives a copy of a quarterly newsletter that provides associates with innovative ideas and tactics to lead healthier lives.
Wellness portal – Our wellness portal is an online destination for associates to access various workplace wellness resources, including our Employee Assistance Program, managing mental health in the workplace, healthy recipes, nutritional fact sheets, smoking cessation program and more!


At Innomar Strategies we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. If you would like to find your fit at Innomar, please see the Careers section of our website.