March 13, 2019

Innomar Strategies announces AvidityHealth

A suite of solutions to improve connectivity and simplify the patient journey

Today, Innomar Strategies announced the launch of AvidityHealth, a digital solution that enhances the patient journey by simplifying the connectivity in healthcare and facilitating communication.

For patients on specialty medications in Canada, the journey can be complex. Innomar has supported specialty patients since it started in 2001 and deeply understands the patient journey. In addition, we understand the complexities our physician and healthcare professional customers face each day with the multiple processes required to help patients access their specialty medications. 

Innomar is launching AvidityHealth to offer enhanced and streamlined services for both patients and healthcare professionals. AvidityHealth solutions will facilitate connectivity to Patient Support Program services, improve access to information and drive insights for Innomar stakeholders. It will also enable Innomar to launch new digital health solutions through a secure and standard interface and act as a connection gateway for Canadian healthcare stakeholders to Innomar’s full suite of integrated services.

“When I started the company, I knew I wanted to simplify the journey for patients,” said Guy Payette, President, Innomar Strategies.  “When faced with a chronic or rare disease, the challenges can seem daunting, for the patient and everyone in their circle of care. AvidityHealth is our newest solution that will help simplify connectivity and improve communication, which is what patients and healthcare professionals are asking for.”

Innomar will release a suite of solutions through AvidityHealth, making it easier for physicians to interact with Patient Support Programs, provide efficiencies for payers, engage patients through digital tools, and provide analytics to support timely patient access to medication. The first AvidityHealth solution to launch is electronic medical records (EMR) enrolment services.

This solution will meet the demand of those physicians, who opt in and provide both physician and patient consent, to enroll patients into Patient Support Programs from within their EMR system.

With end-to-end digital connectivity, program enrolments submitted through AvidityHealth will reduce workload on physicians and accelerate patient access to therapy. Innomar is excited to launch this solution to integrate with EMRs through TELUS Health and Auxita. These collaborations will enable us to launch our first automated EMR enrolment service, which will serve the majority of EMRs in the specialty healthcare space. 

Innomar is committed to investing in digital strategies to help our customers. We will be announcing more innovative digital solutions, focused on how we can enhance the patient journey and support them through the complexity of their disease.