September 14, 2020

COVID-19: Update on InnomarClinics 

As a member of the healthcare industry, we are committed to the safety of our patients and associates.  

Business Continuity

  • At Innomar, we are closely watching how Covid-19 continues to evolve across the country and around the world
  • We monitor positive cases in each province, Covid-19 testing for any of our employees and government positioning on healthcare and re-opening
  • We have a Pandemic Incident Management team in place, business continuity plans across all departments within our business and have the support of our AmerisourceBergen parent company’s Global Watch program
  • We remain in a confident position to ensure continuity of patient care as the environment changes
    • We have done extremely well to date to ensure patient continuity of care – our investments in business continuity plans and people have really paid off
    • Innomar is approaching Covid-19 as on ongoing situation with sustained preparedness throughout, regardless of Covid-19 waves, surges or declines – Innomar remains proactively prepared throughout
    • We continue to pre-screen all patients prior to scheduled appointment utilizing the up to date Public Health Agency Canada criteria
    • Innomar continues to monitor our supply of PPE closely. With our current reserve inventory levels and stable supply chain, at this time we do not have any supply concerns
  • Innomar administrative offices will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Our employees’ safety and security remains a critical priority and we will be thoughtful and measured in our approach to re-entering our physical administrative office locations


  • Pre-screening calls are conducted with all patients prior to scheduled appointments
  • Field employees are in the field, with strict safety protocols in place and with new limitations with how our Programs field team accomplishes their work. With guidance from our parent company, we are extending the ban on all business travel via air and rail for the foreseeable future
    • All field employees must wear a mask at all physician office visits and are also supplied with full droplet precaution PPE, if they wish to wear that
    • We continue to work with our stakeholders to ensure we meet patient, provider and business needs, while keeping our employees safety and overall well-being top of mind


  • COVID-19 focused pre-screening assessments for patients are being conducted on all scheduling and program calls, and at all clinics and home visits
  • Our front line nurses are using full droplet precaution Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (masks, gloves, eye protection and gowns) during clinic and home visits, in accordance with all public health guidelines
  • All patients will be required to put on a mask prior to entering our clinic and to keep it on throughout the entire visit. Patients will be required to wash their hands prior to taking a seat in our clinic
  • We are practicing social distancing in the clinic and cleaning practices recommended by PIDAC are followed. We clean every chair before and after a patient visit
  • We continue to request that additional family members or friends not accompany patients (over the age of 18) to their clinic visits, in order to ensure the safety of all our patients and employees
  • For patient safety, we have decided to no longer provide snacks at our clinics. We recommend patients have a snack either prior to arriving at our clinic or after they leave
    • For those with long appointments (> 2 hours) or those with health conditions that require a snack, we ask they bring simple snacks that do not need to be heated and to bring their own beverages with a straw or sip lid where possible.


  • We will continue to accommodate home visit requests with new referrals where patients have concerns regarding:
    • mobility/transportation
    • or age related
    • or underlying disease exacerbation concerns
    • or where physician/Client mandates home appointments
  • If possible in the absence of any of the above, then any new patient should be considered for a clinic appointment first before a home visit
  • We encourage continued clinic appointments to maximize sustainability of our staff and our supply resources as well as to manage the safety of our Nurses and patients. Our first priority is to see patients in a timely manner and provide them care in a safe environment
  • We exercise the same screening in homecare and equipment cleaning procedures as in clinics

InnomarPharmacy, Distribution and 3PL

  • Delivery of drug continues as usual from our distribution and 3PL facilities
  • Some couriers are not accepting signatures
  • We are working with the programs and pharmacies to ensure clinic drug deliveries are not impacted, and patients are able to get their medications
  • Our distribution centres, clinics and pharmacies are considered an essential service and remain open, even when other businesses are asked to close

Innomar Vaccine Policy

Our vaccine policy aligns to our vision of a healthier future, ensuring we are part of the solution to this global pandemic.
Two employees elbow shaking with masks on.