Update on InnomarClinics
InnomarClinics remain open to our patients amidst coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.
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COVID-19: Update on InnomarClinics 

September 14, 2020

As a member of the healthcare industry, we are committed to the safety of our patients and associates.  


Q: What will I be asked to do when I get to the clinic?

A: All patients will be required to put on a mask prior to entering our clinic and to keep it on throughout the entire visit. Patients will be required to wash their hands prior to taking a seat in our clinic. We are practicing social distancing in the clinic and cleaning practices recommended by IPAC are followed. We clean every chair before and after a patient visit. We request that all patients arrive on time and alone, if possible, to further protect our nurses and other patients in the clinic.  All equipment that is used is cleaned after every use in between patients.

Q: What are InnomarClinics doing to ensure patient safety?

A: We are doing our best to reduce risk of exposure and adhering to all Public Health guidelines. We are screening patients prior to their appointment and when they arrive. Our nurses are following all of the required public health directives for ensuring nurse and patient protection in all of our clinics. All nurses are wearing a mask, eye protection, gowns and gloves to screen patients at the entrance to our clinics and while providing care.

Our clinics have always been cleaned to World Health Organization (WHO) & Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Program Standard protocols. This means that we use professional cleaning services, and they disinfect all surfaces to WHO & IPAC standards each day.  In addition, all equipment and chairs are wiped down with Cavi/Chlorine disinfectant wipes after every patient visit.

Q: What personal items can I bring to the clinic with me?

A: During this time, and for your safety and those of other patients, we highly recommend you limit the number of personal items you bring to our clinic to decrease contamination. We recommend using your coat or sweater as a comfort measure instead of a blanket or pillow. Keep all personal items contained within your treatment chair.

Q: Are snacks still being provided at our clinics?

A: For your safety, we have decided to no longer provide snacks at our clinics. We recommend patients have a snack either prior to arriving at our clinic or after they leave.  For those with long appointments (> 2 hours) or those with health conditions that require a snack, we ask you bring simple snacks that do not need to be heated. We will no longer be heating food for patients in our microwave. Masks can be removed entirely for eating but should be replaced as quickly as possible following.

We also ask patients to bring their own beverages with a straw or sip lid where possible. Beverages should be consumed with as little adjustment to the facemask as possible, by sliding a straw under the mask or removing one side of the mask only. Please ask your nurse for water if needed. Only nurses will be accessing our fridges.