June 19, 2017

Millennials at Innomar Leaders Today and Tomorrow

With 47 percent of associates classified as millennial at Innomar, there is significant potential for the organization to harness their energy, commitment, and passion to help improve business process and management strategy.
Banner for Millennials leadership conference

For two days in May, Innomar Strategies hosted its first ever “Millennial Summit”. With limited capacity, associates were ask to create a video submission about why they think the millennial generation can have a positive impact on our organization.  A selected 58 applicants from both our Montreal and Oakville offices attended this unique experience.

The first day had participants engaged in a fully packed itinerary. Guy Payette, president and founder of Innomar Strategies, kick-started the day with an inspirational speech about the future of the company. Millennials are an essential part of that future, he said, acknowledging their hard work, innovative skills and focused mindset.  The day featured a financial future workshop, a ‘Millennial Leading Millennial Panel’, a patient sharing their remarkable and humbling story, and an interactive Polarity Mapping session. The day ended with a Lead Team meet and greet, followed by a panelist discussion featuring company leaders.

On the second day, the group gave back to the community by choosing to work at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, putting together tote bags for a local women’s shelter or cleaning up a local park. The volunteering experience provided a structured, yet relaxed setting which enabled everyone to meet new people and make a difference for the community.

“I have worked at Innomar for almost three years, and this was one conference that I really wanted to attend,” said Emilia Assimakopoulos, Specialty Pharmacy Solutions Coordinator at our Ville Saint-Laurent location in Montreal. “As important as it was to me to discover what others thought about my generation, I know that Innomar values the millennial contribution.”

Additionally, Hillary Smith, Manager Scheduling & Nursing Services commented, “[My] biggest take away from this conference is that millennials, as with every other generation, cannot all be painted with the same brush. That is to say, that each associate is a unique individual regardless of what generation they were born into.”

This conference was a resounding success with participants walking away with a deeper understanding how millennials contribute to the company’s success.

Community cleanup event during Millennial Summit
Participants from the Millennial Summit
Donation event during the Millennial Summit