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Regulatory Drug Advertising and Promotion

Optimizing your marketing strategies to meet regulatory compliance 

Our team consults on advertising and promotional activities to align with Canadian Advertising Codes and Standards (such as PAAB/ ASC, Innovative Medicines Canada) for Healthcare Professionals (HCP), Patients and Consumers Advertising of Prescription Drugs. We offer vast knowledge and experience in the Pharmaceutical Advertising Regulatory framework.

Regulatory Drug Advertising & Promotions Consulting

Pre-Market Review

  • Consultation on the use of global vs. local advertising concepts
  • Product Monograph review
  • Review Advertising Launch materials
  • Pre-NOC messaging
  • Consultation on Direct-to-Consumer Information (DTCI)

Marketed Products

  • Advertising complaints and provide guidance on the PAAB complaint process
  • Review advertising materials; Directed to Healthcare Professional (HCP), Patient-directed materials
  • Consultation on promotional activities; Use of reprints, Online promotions, Websites, Learning activities
  • Use of global initiatives into the Canadian market
  • Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Information (DTCA/DTCI)


Internal staff training

Understand the Advertising Regulatory landscape

Brenda Gryfe

Our Regulatory Drug Advertising & Promotions Leader

Brenda Gryfe, Director of Regulatory Affairs

Brenda Gryfe

Brenda Gryfe is a pharmacist with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of therapeutic areas, including women’s health and cardiology. Before joining TPIreg in 2014, Ms. Gryfe has held positions in Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Medical Communications, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research. She has a business-focused understanding of Regulatory Affairs, gained from experience across several companies, including Procter and Gamble.

She provides support to promotional material development teams with regulatory advice and review services for the unique drug advertising environment in Canada. Ms. Gryfe has guided Regulatory teams through a variety of pre- and post-approval regulatory processes, including strategically complex submissions. Since doing research in seniors’ understanding of prescription drug labels at the University of Toronto, Ms. Gryfe retains a particular interest in drug labeling, including patient education materials.

Brenda Gryfe

Media Mention

Health Canada Getting Tougher on Opioid and Illegal Advertising

Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (CAPRA)
April 29, 2019

Bridge the commercial and regulatory gap. Ask us to optimize your marketing strategies without compromising regulatory integrity.

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