March 24, 2016

Innomar Strategies Opens 100th Specialty Clinic

Innomar Strategies is proud to announce the opening of the 100th InnomarClinicsTM location in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The opening of this clinic signifies an important milestone towards Innomar’s goal of providing high quality clinic and nursing support to every Canadian.  The network of InnomarClinics and its nursing team will continue to grow to ensure all patients have convenient access to a high standard of care.


InnomarClinics and its nursing team provide expert infusion, injection, education and training services to help patients begin and stay on therapy. Every clinic is equipped to provide patients with safe and effective treatment while focusing on their comfort and convenience. InnomarClinics and nursing services are fully integrated into Innomar’s patient support programs for consistent outcome monitoring and is an essential partner in the patient’s healthcare team.
Innomar Strategies strives to place patients first and give them the care they need when and where they need it the most. Patients can trust InnomarClinics to provide a consistent high quality of care and safe experience throughout their treatment journey.
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