March 1, 2016

Narcotics and Controlled Substance Storage and Handling

Announcement From Our Third-Party Logistics Team: Space Now Available!

Innomar Strategies offers complete 3PL and logistic solutions headquartered out of their 160,000 square foot facility in Milton, Ontario.

Alongside their importer of record status from Health Canada, Innomar is fully licensed to store and handle narcotics and controlled substances.

Innomar’s state-of-the-art facility was built in 2014, and contains a Level 10 Narcotics Vault, a 340-pallet-capacity Controlled Substance Cage and 24/7 Tyco Integrated Security. QPIC personnel are onsite for complete safety and security of controlled materials.

As Canada’s leading patient support provider for specialty therapeutics, Innomar Strategies provides integrated end-to-end commercialization solutions throughout the lifecycle of the product.

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3PL Solutions

  • GMP & Health Canada Licensed
  • Importer of record, wholesaler and secondary repackager
  • 160,000 sq ft facility (Milton, ON)
  • Level 10 narcotics Vault
  • Controlled Substance Cage
  • Map & validated temperature-controlled packing, storage and shipping
  • Relabeling, repackaging and kitting
  • Full Order to Cash
  • Advanced online reporting
  • Access to AmerisourceBergen global footprint