AvidityHealth: Digital enrolment and reimbursement solutions

Is there a faster, easier way for patients to access specialty medications and support services?

The patient support program journey doesn’t have to be a tedious, manual process for patients or healthcare providers. Through AvidityHealth, Innomar Strategies is leading the way in Canada by providing seamless, truly automated, digital enrolment, access and communication processes for specialty drug therapies.

EMR enrolment solution

Simplifying the patient enrolment process through seamless EMR connectivity

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The AvidityHealth EMR enrolment solution accelerates patient access to therapy, in an era where both healthcare providers and patients are demanding digital innovations to improve their experience and effectiveness. 
  • Provides secure integration into EMR platforms, enabling relevant patient information to pre-populate enrolment forms
  • Embeds into the physician’s existing workflow, significantly reducing data entry, with ongoing support and training
  • Accelerates patient access to therapy and support services through the PSP
The connectivity through the EMR provides physicians with a standardized and an integrated way of enrolling patients by reducing the amount of touchpoints to clarify information so that patients can access their therapy more efficiently

Automated PSP enrolment process

The EMR enrolment solution features a dynamic form, transferring information directly into the PSP CRM. This includes managing consent; populating key enrolment data; and securely pushing enrolment and prescription information, all in real time.

Web enrolment and patient status solution

Connecting healthcare providers with patient support program information in a responsive, easy-to-use web-based solution

As an option to EMR enrolment, AvidityHealth’s HCP web enrolment and patient status solution is a centralized, secure system facilitating connectivity between the healthcare provider and the program CRM. 
This tool enhances real-time communication with thoughtfully integrated features, including: 
  • Online patient enrolment
  • Patient status reporting for HCPs
  • Data integration to the PSP CRM
  • User-friendly experience and responsive design
  • Increased efficiencies in accessing information

Digital financial assistance

Providing digital co-pay solutions within PSPs

Reimbursement navigation and access to medication is a dynamic process in Canadian healthcare. Through AvidityHealth, Innomar Strategies offers innovative, technology-driven solutions to facilitate electronic co-pay management within a patient support program at point-of-prescription fulfillment at the pharmacy. 
Once the patient’s reimbursement navigation is conducted, our digital platform allows case workers to program co-pay e-cards in real-time and issue them directly to a pharmacy on behalf of a patient, for a seamless experience.
  • Improves program efficiency with automated claim review and approval
  • Increases visibility into reimbursement with detailed data reporting
  • Facilitates programming co-pay specific to the patients' needs
  • Allows for next day claims data to the PSP
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Our suite of digital payment solutions addresses the needs of all stakeholders, providing financial assistance and payment support for patients, healthcare providers, and manufacturers. 
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Digital prior authorization

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The Canadian payer landscape is moving in a digital direction, but currently PSPs, physicians and payers are primarily managing the prior authorization process in a manual and paper environment. Innomar Strategies is the first to pilot a digital prior authorization (PA) solution.  

For more information on this innovative pilot, contact us today.
physician and nurse using laptop