AvidityHealth: Financial assistance and payment solutions

We understand that costly medications can create a financial burden for many patients. As a manufacturer, you want to assist using the most streamlined means available to support patient access.

AvidityHealth provides comprehensive financial assistance and payment solutions to the pharmaceutical industry through our industry leading team, Cameron Stewart LifeScience (CSL).

As the creators of the first patient choice card program in Canada, we execute innovative, technology-enabled solutions that fit the needs of our clients, their brands, and patients. Today, a CSL card based solution is used every 11 seconds in pharmacies across Canada. 

Innovative digital payment solutions

Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy solutions

RxHelp eFA (electronic financial assistance) provides an in-pharmacy adjudicated payment solution that is part of the coordination of benefits process.  

This solution has the flexibility of being programmed by 1% financial assistance increments and is based on provincial and private upcharge rules  Like all our solutions, it is integrated with the Patient Support Program CRM to monitor care throughout the patient journey.

Additionally, our HCPay solution provides a simple way for pharmacists to claim back co-pay expenses that support patient treatment. This online payment platform is linked directly to a PSP to allow pharmacists to enter claims for copay reimbursement when they cover the costs for their patients. 

The data is completely secure and validated, with access to the site tightly restricted.
Patient solutions

Patient solutions

RxHelp Copay provides a simple, user-friendly way for patients in a program to claim the out-of-pocket expenses associated with their treatment. 

This online and app-based payment platform is validated and approved via access to the patient support program. Patients are reimbursed for their approved expenses with 48 hours by Interac payment.
infusion clinic

Clinic solutions

ePay is an online solution that provides payments to clinics for infusions, injections, or other services that are provided within a patient support program. Directly integrated with the PSP program, ePay provides secure and validated data attributable to the patient and their scheduled appointment.

InnomarStart: a self-enrolment financial assistance portal

InnomarStart allows patients, caregivers or their healthcare providers to apply for financial assistance with an easy to use self-enrolment portal at the point of prescription. The tool uses patient data, such as financial means and insurance coverage, to determine the level of financial assistance a patient is eligible for.  

Once eligibility is determined, the patient receives a digital certificate to present at the pharmacy along with a valid prescription to receive financial assistance.

Loss of exclusivity

Having a well-established plan and the appropriate resources in place is essential to a successful Loss of Exclusivity (LOE) strategy. Our range of solutions are tailored to your brand’s reimbursement environment to support your product before and during LOE.

Product-branded card

Product branded cards can be placed in the market before or during LOE to ensure your brand is top of mind for physicians. From e-sampling to patient choice, the branded electronic and physical card programs can be tailored to your product’s LOE environment and the needs of patients.

Corporate or therapeutic area card

These cards support multiple medications from a single company or within a therapeutic area. Corporate or therapeutic area cards offer an effective and efficient option to manufacturers with a wide portfolio of products.

Industry card (RxHelp™ ONE)

RxHelp ONE is a patient choice program with over 80 participating brands from more than fifteen pharmaceutical companies. Unique to RxHelp One is its “single certificate technology.” This allows all patients in a province to use a single card number, which simplifies the adjudication process for pharmacists and facilitates easy card distribution. For brand managers, it serves as a cost effective promotional strategy to maximize brand exposure.
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Sales rep and physician solutions

When in-person visits to physicians’ offices may not be possible, further accelerated by COVID-19, our e-card solutions enable pharmaceutical sales representatives to remain engaged and deliver cards to healthcare providers, either directly or through CSL. The sales representative simply uses a proprietary link to download and email the eCard to the physician. Options also exist to allow access to HCPs to download cards directly.  The eCard can be programmed for all forms of financial assistance – e-samples, copay, bridging, and LOE. Controls can also be put in place to limit the number of downloads by user type.

Reporting and data analytics

Comprehensive reporting and business intelligence data is offered to optimize and improve performance and ROI. Our financial assistance solutions provide deep insight to all stakeholders through the product lifecycle, including physicians, pharmacists, payors, and patients. 

Reporting can be conducted as a stand-alone, snapshot analysis, or at regular intervals for a comparative overview with key insights and recommendations. Report formats will be recommended and can be easily customized. Dashboards facilitate data analysis and provide improved actionable insight and information to our clients. 
The data available includes:
  • Geographic information
  • Payor information (public, private, cash)
  • Pharmacy information
  • Physician information
  • Rep tracking
  • Mark-ups
  • Adherence and retention analysis
  • Card uptake
  • Metrics from all the supporting marketing materials and communications
  • Card data linked up to other sources of data

Driving program adoption

In addition to our card programs and payment platforms, we work closely with our clients to maximize synergies across all brand tactics in order to drive patient adoption. 
These services include:
  • Sales Force Multiplier™ – outbound calls to a target audience to increase reach and frequency
  • Detail aids
  • Website and mobile set-up
  • Claims adjudication, pharmacy support and patient call centre
  • Pharmacy fax/email services
  • Digital paid media and social media promotion and management
  • Creative graphic design of materials
  • Rep guides
  • Printing
  • Fulfillment and shipping
  • Approvals (PAAB, ASC) and translation

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