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Canadian Regulatory Intelligence and Foreign Safety Updates

Healthcare companies must stay informed of changes to regulations, guidances, policies, and regulatory information for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This requires monitoring multiple websites and changes that are introduced. However, even the most efficient associate will spend hours each week trying to find, review, and compile all of this information.

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Monitor Foreign Safety Updates

Weekly Foreign Authorities Safety Update

Health Canada also requires the submission of foreign safety updates. In addition to our regulatory intelligence publication, our weekly Foreign Authorities Safety Update provides updates, including recalls and safety notices, from the countries that Health Canada is expecting you to monitor, including the U.S., Switzerland, France, and many more. The information provided is collected from all countries that have a searchable database and is aggregated by generic name.

Any company can easily verify if a drug they sell is covered and determine if there is a need to alert Health Canada within the prescribed 72-hour period.

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Subscribe to either the Canadian Regulatory Intelligence Update or the Foreign Authorities Safety Update for $2000.00 CDN each or purchase a subscription to both publications for $3000.00 CDN. An invoice will be sent following your submission.