AvidityHealth: Patient engagement solutions

How do you engage patients to improve their experience and adherence in a complicated healthcare landscape?

Living with a chronic illness often involves a lengthy path to diagnosis, a substantial amount of tests and paperwork, and complex treatment plans. When each system, office, and clinic operates independently of each other, information sharing can break down. It puts the onus on the patient to manage it all themselves – often feeling like an overwhelming full-time job that can lead to burnout and exhaustion, in addition to the symptoms they’re already feeling.  

For patients and their caregivers, living with a high burden of care often means additional support is required. AvidityHealth’s digital solutions present a conduit to provide this essential support, while increasing engagement, adherence, and ultimately, healthier outcomes. 

Digital support for patients through their entire journey

Patient support programs: enhanced communication channels

To improve adherence and provide patients with the support they need, AvidityHealth offers a number of communication methods to keep patients engaged and adherent using their preferred channels.

These include:
  • Text messages directly from the patient support program CRM, including automated reminders
  • Virtual care as an extension of patient and caregiver training, offering the ability to build a closer relationship with a patient while providing additional support. Additionally, virtual care presents another means to support remote patients who may not have the option for a clinic or homecare visit
  • Email service offerings, such as a connection with a caseworker or shipping a disposal unit, or relevant education support during the patient support journey
  • Mobile app to help patients adhere to their care plan through evidence-based approaches, such as tracking appointments, document access, and automated dosage reminders

An app built by patients and caregivers for patients and caregivers

Chronically Simple

Chronically Simple is the only comprehensive, healthcare management app in Canada that alleviates the administrative burden faced by patients and caregivers as they struggle to effectively manage their chronic illness. This user-friendly and secure mobile app empowers users to take control of their health.

Chronically Simple allows users to better advocate for themselves and ensure continuity of care – acting as an essential support tool anytime, anywhere. 

An innovative tool to enhance patient engagement and adherence

With Chronically Simple, users can:
  • Receive patient education relevant to their condition, therapy and care plan
  • Engage and connect with their circle of care and healthcare providers
  • Track current and previous medications, including automated reminders for refills
  • Monitor their symptoms for a full-picture view of how they’ve been feeling over an extended period of time
  • Manage and store appointments, health records, lab test results, expenses, care team details, and much more
  • Store pharmacy information and associate the pharmacy with both medications and the prescribing healthcare providers

Insight opportunities

Additionally, Chronically Simple captures aggregate data, delivering the insights required to optimize your patient support program and deliver healthier outcomes.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to gain insight into app usage and satisfaction
  • Analyze trends in users within segmented therapeutic area to better understand patient’s needs
  • Collect data to understand patient trends and usage of the Chronically Simple app
Enable your patients to take control of all aspects of their healthcare (appointments, medications, test results, etc.) driving better health outcomes.
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Support your employees when they need it most

Gain insights to improve corporate wellness programs and benefit plans
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Holistic service digital partnerships

In addition to the services above, Innomar’s strategic partnerships with digital solution providers further broaden our holistic patient engagement to provide unparalleled support and care. We continue to look at needs in market and assess and expand our partnerships with patient care in mind.

These partnerships include:
A globally recognized adherence tracking tool for self-injectables, helping patients who self-inject at home discretely manage their schedule, custom reminders, and site suggestions.
Cloud-based education platform that provides modular patient education and training as part of the PSP journey.
A novel digital mental health solution providing support anytime, anywhere. Patients receive a specific care path for a wide range of issues with a registered mental health professional.