AvidityHealth: Business intelligence and data insights

How can you harness data analytics to improve market access, patient engagement, and health outcomes?

Manufacturers require extensive data analytics across the full product lifecycle to answer key business questions, optimize ROI, and quantify the strategic value you bring to the patient journey – ultimately, to help you support market access, engagement, and health outcomes. By connecting technology and a suite of data-generating solutions, AvidityHealth delivers the insights you need to drive decision-making every step of the way. 

Uncover insights and gain visibility with powerful analytics

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Genesis customer relationship management (CRM) platform

Our flagship Patient Support CRM, Genesis, is a fully validated and auditable platform delivering seamless connectivity within the healthcare eco-system. This application incorporates workflow efficiencies built with the patients’ needs in mind and offers seamless integration from case management coordination to evidence generation.

With Genesis, manufacturers have the ability to access essential data analytics and patient insights from programs, gaining visibility into reimbursement outcomes, pharmacy and distribution management, and more.   

Most importantly, it allows you to facilitate a highly effective PSP to answer questions in real-time throughout the product lifecycle.
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Business intelligence services

Our team of highly experienced experts includes business analysts, developers, and data architects who work with you to uncover meaningful insights and to highlight associated strategic value in support of your business objectives. With access to a comprehensive suite of strategic and operational KPI dashboards, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of every aspect of the patient journey within the PSP, helping you identify opportunities to optimize health outcomes, but also to quantify the impact of your investment.

We help customers achieve their business aspirations by conducting specialized analytics to maximize physician uptake, accelerate reimbursement approval, and optimize patient access, adherence and persistence over time.
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Real world evidence (RWE)

Real World Evidence (RWE) is increasingly being utilized by manufacturers to support market access activities for specialty therapies. RWE plays a role in the assessment of drug safety, efficiency, and effectiveness across the complete product lifecycle. Expanding data and evidence sources to include RWE offers new opportunities to gain insight into public health, advance health care, and support your overall value story across the product lifecycle. AvidityHealth’s suite of digital solutions can further support data collection and analysis at multiple points throughout the product life-cycle to support our manufacturer partners. This includes utilizing your PSP as a platform for real-world data collection and evidence generation for health outcomes and economic impacts associated with your product. 

PLA Navigator 

Through AvidityHealth, we are the only Patient Support Program (PSP) provider in Canada that offers an automated solution to track complex Product Listing Agreements. Track compliance and avoid unnecessary risk with enhanced reporting and auditing accuracy, leveraging the vast data sources available through our integrated services.

This digital solution facilitates electronic tracking of each negotiated PLA (ie. criteria, financial terms and conditions), incorporates patient’s coverage plan designs (ie. to track % coverage, % copays per plan design, as well as caps/maximums) and allows for customization of Public and Private PLA definitions, rules and number of patients.

  • Centralized model to allow for efficiency of workflow
  • Consistency in reporting by removing the manual component and leveraging technology
  • Allows for a streamlined process to track PLA’s
  • Ability to conduct seamless audits
  • Scalability ̶ evolve with the PLA landscape
  • Support outcomes based agreements (OBAs)