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While you may not see the impact of managing a chronic illness or a disability first-hand, chances are that you have seen the effect it’s had on your employees. It manifests in many ways as they try to balance the heavy administrative burden of their health journey with their day-to-day lives. People living with chronic illnesses have complex needs, a lengthy path to diagnosis, complicated treatment plans, and a significant amount of tests and paperwork. It can be overwhelming for anyone–often feeling like a second job–which can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and decreased productivity.

In both Canada and the U.S., nearly half of the population have at least one chronic condition. 

And millions care for an aging, ill, or disabled loved one.

As organizations increasingly invest in talent attraction and retention, empowering your workforce to manage their health and the health of their loved ones can provide the essential support they need to remain happy, healthy, and engaged.

Chronically Simple: An app built by patients and caregivers for patients and caregivers

Chronically Simple provides essential support for your employees’ health management—without compromising their privacy or increasing your workload. This mobile app and web solution is bilingual, secure, and user-friendly for your workforce, while collecting anonymous, aggregate data so you can make informed decisions for workplace wellness and benefits plans. 

With Chronically Simple, your employees are empowered to proactively manage a chronic illness. It allows them to better advocate for themselves, and ensure continuity of care regardless of where they are – acting as an essential support tool anytime, anywhere. Chronically Simple makes it easy to track medications, symptoms, appointments, health records, expenses, care team details, and much more. Plus, your employees can use the app for family members too.

Chronic illness is affecting employees more than you think

Leading to tangible productivity loss
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Engage and empower your workforce with an enterprise-level corporate wellness solution

Customize your corporate wellness plans for your employee's needs

When employees use Chronically Simple, we collect anonymous, aggregate data to provide you with valuable insights. This de-identified information provides you with a snapshot into what your workforce is going through, such as: which percentage of employees are affected by a particular condition; which percentage of employees act as caregivers to a family member; and more. This enables you to invest in benefit plans that will be impactful for your workforce, without ever compromising their personal information.

COVID-19: Monitor the potential impact on your workforce and strengthen return-to-work strategies

Chronically Simple provides users with a symptom tracker which allows them to record how they’re feeling, including at-home fever monitoring and day-to-day changes. It enables a care team to act quickly if symptoms signal an emerging problem and allows the user to provide a complete, accurate healthcare history to their physician, should they need to seek medical attention. Plus, the anonymous data captured by Chronically Simple helps you understand the impact COVID-19 could have on your workforce.

Increase workforce productivity and performance

The Chronically Simple app provides educational resources to support users based on the symptoms and conditions they report. Whether they’re the patient or the caregiver, being informed makes them more successful at managing any condition. Additionally, the app greatly alleviates the administrative burden that accompanies being a caregiver or managing a chronic condition. This not only reduces stress and burnout, but also lowers healthcare costs, while improving workplace absenteeism, presenteeism, and overall engagement.
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  • Day at a glance: This feature allows you to see what’s in store for the day ahead on one screen. Think of it as your own personal assistant.

  • Medication tracker: Store all your current and previous medications, to keep track of your full prescription history. Receive reminders when it’s time for a refill, ensuring you never run out.

  • Symptom tracker: Track your fever, fatigue, pain, nausea and cognitive symptoms. See in one dashboard how you've been feeling over the last few months. Include notes in each entry so you can easily track what's helped you feel better.

  • Appointments: Set-up and manage your appointments in one place. Chronically Simple will send you reminders. Never forget another appointment ever again!

  • Care team: Add members of your care or support teams to ensure that everyone, from your physiotherapist, to your siblings, stay up-to-date with your care and are kept in the loop.
  • Document storage: Keep all your medical records, diagnostic images and test results in one secure place. Take your past results to new appointments to ensure continuity of care.

  • Expenses: Never lose another parking receipt. Keeping track of all your medical expenses, can make doing your taxes much less stressful.

  • Healthcare providers: store all your healthcare providers’ details and associate them with appointments, prescriptions and medical records, allowing you to easily see which medications need to be refilled before your appointments.
  • Pharmacy: Store the information of all of your pharmacies and associate them with your medications and the relevant healthcare providers.
  • Vaccine Tracker: Manage your vaccination information with ease. Keep track of all your past and upcoming vaccines including COVID-19 vaccinations. See how many doses you need and when your next dose is due. Set a reminder so you don’t forget.

Overcoming reentry concerns with workplace wellness technology

Put return-to-work fears at rest with an app that helps your employees prioritize what matters.
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To get started with Chronically Simple or learn more about how it can benefit your workforce, get in touch with us today.

Integrate Chronically Simple into your corporate wellness program

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