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InnomarClinics remain open to our patients amidst coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.
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Personalized, quality care

You deserve the highest quality of care, personalized to meet your specific needs. We work closely with your care team to make sure we answer all your questions, ensure your comfort, and explain how your medication works. Here, we’ll explain what you should expect during and following your treatments. For additional questions, contact your case manager.
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We understand that starting a new medication can be stressful, especially if it requires the support of a nurse at an infusion or injection clinic. Across Canada, every clinic in our network is owned and operated by Innomar. That means that from Whitehorse to Windsor, or St. John to Saskatoon, every InnomarClinic™ is an inviting space for you to get support during treatment.

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"Most importantly, over the course of treatment and support, we get to see people return to their lives."


As a patient, it matters when it feels like someone cares. My nurse was kind and patient while training me on using my new medical device. She encouraged me with her positive attitude.

- Multiple sclerosis patient
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