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April 17, 2020

Chronically Simple App Enhanced to Meet the COVID-19 Challenges of the Medically Vulnerable

New features, including fever, symptom and medication tracking, are now available for free to first-time users to support high-risk populations navigating COVID-19

OAKVILLE, Ontario Chronically Simple today released updates to its secure web-based and mobile application that helps patients and caregivers manage the administrative burden that accompanies living with a chronic illness or disability. Chronically Simple was positioned to roll out new developments to the app in March after eight months of work; however, with the COVID-19 crisis rapidly unfolding, the company quickly pivoted by working with their community to determine what would be most impactful to patients and caregivers amidst the pandemic. The tool was refined within less than two weeks and is now available to meet the community’s pressing needs. 

The resulting enhancements address the needs of the most vulnerable patients and caregivers who are struggling to manage their complex care while navigating the new realities of COVID-19. The latest version of the application includes a comprehensive symptom tracker for temperature, pain, fatigue, cognitive ability and nausea, as well as medication dosage and prescription tracking, which are all key factors in managing a chronically ill patients’ progress and treatment. 

In response to these economically challenging times, Chronically Simple is being offered to first-time users at no cost for six months to support the immunocompromised and most at-need people who must continue to manage their health or the health of a loved one during this pandemic. 

“As a patient living with a chronic illness myself, I understand the importance of continuously listening to people in our communities, understanding their ongoing challenges and then using that feedback to create solutions that will ease the burdens of managing a complex health condition or caring for a loved one in that situation,” says Kristy Dickinson, founder of Chronically Simple. “We recognized the need to react to the spread of COVID-19 by pivoting and refining our latest version of the app to accommodate virtual care, which is becoming a reality for the millions of patients living with and managing their illnesses daily. This exemplifies how every feature of Chronically Simple, including the new enhancements, is inspired by real-patient or caregiver input.”

Tracking symptoms is critical for high-risk populations who fear leaving their homes, let alone going to the clinic or hospital for appointments. Working with real patients, caregivers and frontline workers in Canada, Chronically Simple discovered that fever tracking would be one of the most critical features to incorporate at a time when more and more people are turning to virtual services and managing their care at home. Available in French and English, the full set of new features within Chronically Simple include:  

  • Symptom Tracking: Chronically Simple users can log how they are feeling, what – if any – side effects they are experiencing and how their medication regimen is changing. This is critical for chronic or rare disease patients who, after experiencing improved symptoms, may be tempted to discontinue treatment, particularly if their treatment is complex or difficult (e.g., self-injectable therapies or infusions). The dashboard clearly articulates to users the link between medication adherence and improved health. It can also be used in physician appointments, enabling patients and their caregivers to provide a detailed history with their healthcare provider.
  • Fever Tracker: As a new function available within the symptom tracking feature created specifically in response to COVID-19 Chronically Simple now allows users to track their temperature. By offering an at-home monitoring tool to record body temperature, a patient’s care team will be positioned to act quickly and concisely if the symptom begins to signal an emerging problem. This feature also enables patients or their caregivers to provide a complete and accurate history to physicians should medical intervention be required.
  • Pharmacy Matching: Building on its existing functionality, Chronically Simple now allows users to not only add prescriber and script information but also pharmacy information which is incredibly critical during a time where treatments are managed virtually. This new feature is particularly helpful for patients or caregivers who manage complex therapy regimens and are regularly engaging with multiple physicians, specialists and pharmacies. Through the updated app, users can now clearly manage medications prescribed by particular specialists and filled at different pharmacies. By capturing this information, patients are better prepared to discuss their treatments with their doctors and ensure prescriptions are appropriately refilled. The app also offers appointment reminders, so users can review their prescription notes before visiting their doctor. 
  • Medication Tracker: As an update to the current medication tracker functionality, the solution now accommodates medication that is taken with varying dosages and at different intervals. With this update, users can feel confident that no matter how complicated their treatment plan is, they’ll receive the reminders they need to stay adherent to their plan. 

Chronically Simple is a healthcare app designed to help patients and caregivers manage  appointments, interactions with healthcare providers and all the administration that comes with living with a chronic or complex disease. Kristy Dickinson founded Chronically Simple after being diagnosed with a rare disease and based on her own healthcare experiences. In 2019, Chronically Simple became a part of Innomar Strategies, Canada's leading specialty pharmaceuticals service provider and a part of AmerisourceBergen. Patients and caregivers can access Chronically Simple’s free trial at or by downloading the application through the App Store or Google Play. 


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