Chronically Simple on CHCH Morning Live: Proactive measures for back-to-school

CHCH Morning Live

In an interview with CHCH, Innomar’s Kristy Dickinson shared her perspective on the steps parents can take to ensure children with special needs receive the care they need as schools begin to reopen this fall.  Kristy shared valuable insights to outline the proactive measures caretakers can take to make a safe and seamless transition for their children, and to further highlight how Chronically Simple assists patients with chronic illnesses.  See the full interview by following the link below. 

Chronically Simple is a cloud-based app designed to help patients and caregivers manage the administrative burden that comes with living with a chronic disease.  As communities face economically challenging times, Chronically Simple is currently being offered free of charge to new users for 6 months. Chronically Simple provides patients and caregivers with many secure features, including medication and appointment tracking, accounting, note taking, as well as lab results and medical results storage.