Chronically Simple: Empowering plan members to better manage their healthcare to improve health outcomes

Benefits Canada

In an article by Benefits Canada Medication Management, Kristy Dickinson and Chronically Simple are featured for empowering patients and caregivers to manage the complexity of their healthcare.  Kristy explains that patients and caregivers who are dealing with a chronic illness or disability often experience the same challenges of managing the daily administrative tasks of living with a difficult disease.  As specialty medications become available for a broader range of conditions, the need to produce a solution to help these patients take better accountability of their healthcare journey has found itself in high demand.

Chronically Simple offers a digital solution, which can be folded into insurer case management and patient support programs, to provide the tools needed to help manage life as a patient or caregiver. Chronically Simple is designed to empower their users, allowing them to become an active participant in their healthcare and therefore promoting improved health outcomes and adherence to treatment.