Chronically Simple app pivots to meet the COVID-19 challenges of the medically vulnerable

National Post

In a sponsored article by the National Post, Kristy Dickinson, Founder and Managing Director of Chronically Simple, talks about how she and her team developed the new and improved version of Chronically Simple for patients living with chronic conditions. In less than two weeks, the Chronically Simple team was able to refine the tool to help people manage their health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Following the recent launch of the new bilingual version of Chronically Simple, users now have access to a comprehensive symptom tracker for pain, fatigue, cognitive ability, and nausea.

Chronically Simple is a cloud-based app that is designed to help patients and caregivers manage the administrative burden that comes with living with chronic disease.  As communities face economically challenging times, Chronically Simple is currently being offered free of charge to new users for 6 months. Chronically Simple provides patients and caregivers with many secure features, including medication and appointment tracking, accounting, note taking, as well as lab results and medical results storage.