Webinar: Utilizing Real World Evidence Across the Product Life Cycle

By Innomar Strategies

Mary Speagle, Senior Director, Regulatory & Scientific and Alison Drinkwater, Senior Director, InnomarConsulting provide insights on utilizing Real Word Evidence across the product life cycle from regulatory, market access and evidence generation sources.

You will gain valuable insights on:
  • The broader role real world evidence is playing in decision making across the product life cycle due to technology advancements and real world data availability
  • The current Canada regulatory landscape and guidance around use of real world evidence for enhanced regulatory submissions
  • How real world evidence can be used to support a product’s value story and uptake of real world evidence as a payer decision making tool
  • Listen and learn from case studies of utilization of RWE in a real time setting

This webinar explores how Real World Evidence is becoming increasingly important to Regulators, Payers, Researchers and Manufacturers with the proliferation of data sources and development of novel methodologies.

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