Meet Tania 

Field Case Nurse
Business woman standing beside healthcare worker

“I work with purpose when I go above and beyond to help a patient. I get to witness our patients’ happiness and healthy lives. Seeing where they start and where they are now…I can see how we are making a change in the world for the better.”

Business woman standing beside healthcare worker
Business woman standing beside healthcare worker

What do you do?

I support clients and physicians. I facilitate patients getting the care and medication they need and make suggestions to optimize their experience. As a nurse, I make sure the patient feels supported, assisted and cared for. It’s not easy to start a new medication. I follow up to make sure the patient is getting better. I spend most of my time in the field, meeting with physicians and healthcare professionals. The rest of the time, I work out of my home office.

Why do you love working at Innomar?

It is the unique combination of our passion and commitment to supporting our patients. If you think about it, what we do is really about helping our community.

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