Meet Marilyn

Field Case Manager

“I work with purpose because my role as a field case manager impacts our patients’ lives greatly. Our work matters because we are here to help the patient improve their quality of life and deliver superior service. We stand as a team in providing a healthier future.”

What do you do in a typical day?

I manage all aspects of the program for a group of physicians in Eastern Ontario. I am the centre of the wheel for my patients in the program. I explain our services, help navigate their public and private insurance and set up drug orders. I am the person who makes sure the process is smooth and easy for physicians and patients.

Why Innomar?

I like the fact that I’m not only acting as a nurse, but also as an educator and manager. Innomar is a large organization and a successful company. I appreciate the work-life balance, variety in my work, and the career opportunity. I get to be involved in different projects, and Innomar recognizes us for our work.

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