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Road to commercialization in Canada

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For manufacturers new to the Canadian healthcare system, understanding the diverse regulatory and reimbursement landscape can be daunting. With 10 provinces and three territories—each with its own approach to public drug coverage, review processes, timelines and priorities—you need an experienced partner with in-depth knowledge to help guide your successful commercialization strategy.
What you need to know about launching your drug in Canada

Why bring your product to Canada?


Why Canada: Is Canada an attractive market for global pharmaceutical manufacturers?

Sandra Anderson
Innomar Strategies
January 2020


Why Canada: How we help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers commercialize their products in Canada.

Sandra Anderson
Innomar Strategies
February 2020


Why Canada: Leveraging our partnerships and relationships to assist in your launch strategy.

Sandra Anderson
Innomar Strategies
March 2020

End-to-end commercialization services

Is your drug establishment license timed properly with your submission? How will you handle your logistics and pharmacovigilance support? How are you preparing your patient support and data requirements? These are just some of the areas that can cause you unnecessary delays without proper guidance in the evolving Canadian market. The journey to bring complex, or innovative, pharmaceutical products into Canada requires a partner who is laser-focused on the requirements for a strategic launch and operationalizing throughout the product lifecycle. 

Regulatory Affairs & Submissions

The pre-development stage of commercialization can start as early as two years before you launch in Canada. Our Regulatory experts will strategically guide and support all regulatory submission application requirements.

HEOR & Market Access 

The Innomar team has highly specialized HEOR and Market Access consultants who are able to walk you through an assessment of the Canadian landscape, defining data, pricing and economic value, developing a strong Public and Private Payer strategy with Real World Evidence considerations, Special Access Programme (SAP) strategy through to managing your submissions.

Importation and 3PL 

Our Third-Party Logistics and Distribution teams will help mitigate financial and excursion risks, act as importer, and create seamless operational integration, customized to your current and future portfolio, with an uncompromising commitment to safe storage, handling and shipment.

Drug Safety and Quality Assurance

As you scale your business in Canada, you can rely on our highly specialized resources in Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information. Our turn key services will reduce risk, improve care, and support your growth strategy in market.

Patient Services

Our knowledgeable Patient Support Program (PSP) team members are trained on the intricacies of the disease and deliver customized support for patients, caregivers, and various stakeholders. As such, we know that an optimal patient experience consists of both personal interactions and digital solutions to support them in their daily life. 

Launch Plan Services

Our Integrated Model is set up to facilitate your product launch and ongoing market presence. From market research and advisory board insights, to SAP transfer and bridging strategy, right through to our pharmacist’s dispensing and our nurses administering your drug. As your business continues to grow and scale, we can support you across the entire lifecycle of your product in Canada.

A fully Integrated Approach

We can help you successfully enter and operate in Canada. Let’s work together.

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