Why Canada: Leveraging our partnerships and relationships to assist in your launch strategy.

By Sandra Anderson

Innomar Strategies has built strong relationships with key partners to understand the changing landscape, and also negotiate and influence some of these changes. Through these relationships we have strengthened our reputation and supported our growth as the leading Canadian specialty pharmaceutical service provider.

Video Transcript:

Innomar has built some strong partnerships across the HTA landscape. One of these examples is our partnership with the largest insurance company in Canada. We started, and built, HealthForward about 6 years ago, and it's become one of the leading health case management models in Canada. And we leveraged that partnership for many reasons. We’ve grown it, we continue to grow Health Case Management, but we also leverage for our customers in different initiatives on the private insurance whether that's, you know, building listing agreements, or building relationships. A lot of manufacturers recognize Innomar as a leader in that area.

Our stakeholder team conducts a number of advisory boards with our key stakeholders on a regular basis. Examples of these include holding ad boards in oncology, GI, immunology, as well as rheumatology. We've had some great success sitting down with our key customers to understand where their gaps are, what their needs are, and how Innomar can support them.

By learning about our customer it really allows us to offer best in class, figure out how we can offer our services more effectively, but also gain their feedback on new initiatives that we're launching whether it's in the digital space, in the innovation space. Having your customer support us is critical and looking to our manufacturers to support us, and depending on those key customer insights, is also critical for success.

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