Why Canada: How we help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers commercialize their products in Canada.

By Sandra Anderson

Innomar Strategies is the only turnkey provider who can not only guide and provide strategic advice and planning, but we can also execute and implement all end to end commercialization services, for companies launching a new therapy into the Canadian marketplace.

Video Transcript:

Innomar Strategies is one of the companies that can actually do everything from strategic advising customers when they first come into the country, to the implementation and the execution of all the services. We have a full-service commercialization team starting from our regulatory group that can help customers with their Health Canada registration and their licensing to get their market authorization as well as their importation strategy, their quality assurance, and their full logistics model, starting with our 3PL services.

We work a lot with customers from the beginning to the end, but really a lot of hand-holding in the beginning when they're trying to setup how they're going to enter the country. There's a lot of choices of how to enter the country; whether they invest, whether they in-license, whether they look for a marketing sales strategy earlier on. And so our consultants really walk them through each part of that journey.

You've heard about how challenging our environment is, but our consultants are leading edge to help manufacturers build their market access strategy, their pricing, and then get listed across the provinces. At the end of the day it's all about getting the patient access to the drug.

We have a full team of experts who setup the patient support program who also have our nurses in our clinics, and our pharmacies coordinate, to make sure that we can collaborate and work with the patient step by step to at the end of the day get the patient the drugs that they need. It's always about the patient and thinking about their families, and so the patient support services we setup are really there to support the family, and the patient through their challenging journey.

The Commercialization Director is really there to help them plan all aspects of their launch, help them coordinate on a contract, and really offer a turnkey solution to make it easy.

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