Webinar: The Caregiver and Patient Support Programme

By Innomar Strategies

Kristy Dickinson, Managing Director, Chronically Simple, and Brenda Agnew, Consultant, Caregiver Services, Chronically Simple, participate in a Reuters Events Pharma webinar with a panel of experts to discuss one of healthcare’s great unknowns: unpaid caregivers.

Caregivers possess unique insight into the complexities of the real-world patient experience – which also presents a significant opportunity to improve patient outcomes. However, despite representing millions of people globally, caregivers are often underappreciated and overlooked within the scope of PSPs.

In this webinar, we explore how PSPs can be developed to be both patient centric and caregiver centric to deliver more successful outcomes. Watch now to learn how the caregiver’s role evolves over time, which tools can reduce caregiver burnout to improve continuity of care, and more.

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