3PL & Importation: Quality-assured, temperature-controlled and secure GMP-compliant facility.

By Innomar Strategies

Our 160,000-square-foot, GMP-compliant facility offers a range of scalable storage solutions and multiple pick-pack configurations to accommodate your growing business. We're equipped to store and handle all your pharmaceutical products, including complex, specialty products with our temperature-controlled, mapped and validated facility. We also provide repack capabilities, lot and expiry tracking, returns and reverse logistics.

Video Transcript:

Our 3PL facility that's located in Milton, Ontario is 160,000 square feet. We have ambient storage for 10,000 pallets. We have 2-8 refrigerated storage for 2,200 pallets. And our newest cooler is actually built into four of our dock doors, so we're receiving directly into a validated chill dock.

Our temperature monitoring system is monitoring our temperature 24/7, and it is connected directly into our security system. And we've set pre-excursion set points for alarm, if we get anywhere close to either a high end or a low. We're going to get messages sent to our operational team, and our QA team if we get anywhere close to an excursion so that we can take proper steps.

We also have narcotic storage, controlled substance storage, level 8, level 10 vaults. And we have a –20 freezer that we use primarily only for gel packs and phase change material for our temperature control pack-outs.

The entire facility is – the floor is epoxy sealed. So it's very dust free, very clean environment, and we have a 5,000 gallon diesel generator that backs up the entire facility in case of a power outage.

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