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Digital health solutions


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AvidityHealth: Simplify the patient journey through innovative healthcare connectivity.

Evolving the patient journey experience

The healthcare landscape is changing. Patients require uncompromised support for chronic disease management, with access to specialty medication delivered seamlessly every step of the way.  

AvidityHealth’s suite of digital solutions generate and connect data across multiple sources, bridging existing gaps between the essential human touch patients require and the efficiencies healthcare providers need. It simplifies physician interaction with patient support programs, provides efficiencies for payers, engages patients through digital tools, and uses data analytics to support timely patient access to medication.

Future forward healthcare

We see an easier way.

Today, our healthcare landscape is fragmented and complex. Physicians have limited access to the data they require for decision making. They juggle multiple access points in different formats as they interact with PSPs for specialty medication. Patients face anxiety and a large administrative burden, with medication reimbursement being particularly challenging and overwhelming. Meanwhile, without connections for data capture and insights, no one has a truly holistic view of the patient.  

AvidityHealth’s digital solutions deliver a seamless information exchange. Working in sync, these tools provide a full view of the patient, offering a new level of support for a faster, more efficient healthcare experience. 

We’re continuously investing in new and innovative healthcare solutions to enhance the patient journey. Through digital connectivity, AvidityHealth will drive improvements in digital enrolment and reimbursement, patient engagement, financial assistance, data insights, virtual care, and more.  For today and into the future.

Digital solutions for healthcare providers, patients, payors, and manufacturers

Healthcare providers

Increase patient support while reducing manual, and time-intensive processes.

With EMR integrated enrolment, auto-populated data, e-payment and automated financial assistance, as well as real-time patient program status reporting, AvidityHealth enables healthcare providers to utilize existing workflows and communicate effectively with PSP support staff with less manual data entry and more patient oversight. 


Access ongoing support to reduce healthcare gaps. 

Managing a chronic disease is overwhelming. To alleviate some of that stress, AvidityHealth provides a variety of tools for patients, such as: text, email, and video chat communications to interact using the channels they prefer; digital financial assistance to alleviate barriers and ensure timely access to specialty medications; and a secure web and mobile app – designed by patients and caregivers – putting patients in control of their health by managing all aspects of their journey in one place.


Time and administrative savings through automation and electronic data exchange. 

The Canadian payer landscape is moving in a digital direction, but Prior Authorization is not currently a digital process – which means there is no real-time response. AvidityHealth will focus on digital Prior Authorization (PA) solutions to reduce manual data entry, ensure completeness of information and minimize paperwork to provide more efficient end-to-end connectivity.


Optimize patient support and financial assistance services to improve ROI with impactful data. 

By removing the various barriers healthcare providers and patients face, AvidityHealth accelerates access to therapy, enhances patient experience, improves patient adherence, and captures valuable data for manufacturers to uncover strategic insights and more effectively navigate a dynamic healthcare environment.  

Eliminating gaps throughout the patient journey

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Cameron Stewart Lifescience Payment Solutions

Our innovative, technology-enabled payment solutions streamline financial assistance, compassionate care and co-pay, and simplify medication access for patients and their healthcare providers.
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Patient engagement

From diagnosis and access to therapy, through to reimbursement navigation, treatment initiation, and adherence, a patient’s journey can be complicated. Our engagement solutions support healthier outcomes and empower patients and their caregivers with the tools they need to more effectively manage their chronic illness.
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Digital enrolment and reimbursement solutions

Patient Support Program enrolment is a crucial first step in accessing medications and support services, with various entry points and methods. Our digital solutions reduce manual data entry challenges to streamline the process, enabling faster access to therapy for patients and applying simple, user-friendly workflows for healthcare providers.
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Business intelligence and data insights

By connecting technology and data-generating solutions, AvidityHealth uncovers meaningful insights throughout the product lifecycle and across the patient journey. These solutions include: our flagship CRM, Genesis, a fully auditable and secure platform which increases workflow efficiencies; our Business Intelligence leading experts; and the infrastructure for extensive data quality measures and analytics reporting. 

For our manufacturing partners, this allows you to identify trends, realize program efficiencies, generate Real World Evidence (RWE), and ultimately, enhance patient experience. 

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