Innovative technology to enhance, expedite and improve performance.


At Innomar Strategies we understand the important role technology plays in differentiating both ourselves and our clients within the marketplace. It is the backbone of our customized solutions and Integrated Service Model. That is why we continually reinvest in new platforms, system upgrades and integrations, and innovative solutions to provide greater value, better service and improved experiences for our stakeholders. With a team of in-house developers and the support of our AmerisourceBergen global network, we offer clients technology solutions to optimize their business and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. 

Web Portals for Patient Programs

At Innomar, we believe what gets measured, gets improved. That’s why we build customized web portals for each Patient Program to help monitor, track and optimize the program’s performance. From physician scripts to patient adherence, clients can gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and performance throughout the patient journey. Our Business Intelligence team partners with clients to set relevant performance indicators and reporting standards, customized to your business, to ensure important data points are captured and assessed.

Cubixx® Inventory Management System

Through our partnership with AmerisourceBergen, Innomar Strategies is proud to commercialize Cubixx® in Canada. Cubixx is an in-home, specialty medication management system that enables patients and their caregivers to store, track and manage their medication through a computerized refrigerator device. This patent-pending appliance is integrated with our Patient Support Programs for improved monitoring of reported health outcomes and adherence. In addition, the system offers two-way communication with our specialty pharmacy for automated inventory management of prescription refills.

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