Ensure product integrity and scalable distribution solutions from the beginning.


At Innomar Strategies, we offer specialty distribution and pharmacy services to make sure patients receive their medication, with uncompromised commitment to safe storage, handling and dispensing. We offer a full suite of logistics services including wholesaling, distribution and pharmacy services.

Our pharmacy network's team are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians trained on and experienced with specialty medications. With a national distribution network, we are focused on optimizing your supply chain while reducing complexity and management costs. We partner with our clients to design and develop a logistics strategy customized to your portfolio and stakeholders’ needs.

Specialty Distribution Services

Getting patients access to your specialty product is our main priority. We have over 15 years of experience within the specialty pharmaceutical space and understand the regulatory environment that must be adhered to for the safe handling and storage of these products. Innomar Strategies is a licensed wholesaler and distributor of specialty products, and has a national footprint to ensure your product gets delivered in a timely and efficient manner. We provide distribution services as a stand-alone offering or seamlessly integrated into our Patient Support Programs. Whether you are looking for a closed or open distribution model, or something in between, we will work with you to develop a logistics strategy customized to your business. 

Our Pharmacy Network

As a part of our distribution model, Innomar Strategies offers pharmacy services for specialty medications through our pharmacy network located across Canada. Our pharmacies deliver medication directly to the patient’s home, or place of infusion/injection, such as their physician’s office or an InnomarClinic. Our pharmacists and staff are expertly trained on specialty medication and therapeutic conditions, cold chain handling and storage requirements, reimbursement navigation, and other associated processes. We will partner with you to design an appropriate pharmacy solution that meets the needs of your specialty product.

Handling for Specialty Products

We have extensive experience with the handling and storage of delicate specialty products, especially those requiring cold-chain and climate-controlled environments. Our facilities are fully GMP compliant and equipped with temperature-controlled, mapped and monitored storage. We adhere to strict cold-chain procedures for shipping and handling specialty products to ensure product integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain. Our staff is trained according to client-approved SOPs and Health Canada GMP guidelines for comprehensive quality control and assurance. We also provide repack capabilities, lot/expiry tracking and returns/reverse logistics.