Exciting News from Innomar Strategies:

Innomar Strategies is pleased to welcome Wyatt Health Management to their Strategic Consulting division. Together, they have formed an enhances service offering: InnomarConsulting™. InnomarConsulting is a full-service consultancy team focused on market access solutions for specialty medication for rare and complex disorders.

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Increase market access in specialty care.

We provide consulting services throughout a product’s lifecycle to ensure launch success, maximize patient access, improve sales performance, and extend brand relevancy. Key areas of expertise include commercialization and planning, market access strategy and submissions, pricing strategy, advocacy development, market research, health outcomes, and health economics. We help existing companies, as well as those new to Canada, develop and execute effective strategies to ensure Canadian patients gain access to new and innovative products.

Commercialization Strategy & Planning

Bringing a specialty product to market in Canada can be complex. With exclusive insights into the patient journey through our specialty services, we help manufacturers develop commercialization strategies that position your products for success at launch and throughout their lifecycle. We also offer full-service market research to support commercialization planning and to test brand strategies with key stakeholders.

Market Access Strategies & Submissions

With over 15 years of experience in developing reimbursement strategies for specialty medications, Innomar Strategies has the knowledge and expertise to get our clients’ products approved and covered by payers. We develop comprehensive submissions and strategies for CDR, pCODR, INESSS, provincial drug plans, private payers and hospital formularies that effectively communicate the clinical and economic value of your product to optimize formulary coverage for your patients. We have built strong relationships with different types of payers and decision making authorities including, hospitals, GPOs, Ministries of Health, private insurers and other Health Technology Assessment groups.

Health Economics & Budget Impact Modelling

As a manufacturer with a high-cost specialty medication, Innomar Strategies can help you articulate the economic value and impact your product will have on the Canadian healthcare system. We have extensive experience with specialty medication in a range of therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology and rare diseases. Our team can design or adapt HE and BIA models for your product in order to demonstrate its true value throughout its lifecycle. 

Pricing Strategies & Submissions

Pricing your product has important and lasting ramifications. We help our clients build pricing strategies and models to favourably position their product not only with PMPRB, but also federal and provincial reviewers. In addition, we have extensive experience in preparing comprehensive PMPRB submissions for efficient pricing approval. 

Health Outcomes Research

We partner with our clients to build health outcome research plans early in the product lifecycle to further expand the value of their product to payers and other key stakeholders. Our health outcomes research team is experienced in the design, implementation and management of patient registries, Post-Authorization Safety Studies (PASS) and other quality of life/patient-reported outcomes studies. We also offer integration of health outcomes research into our patient support programs, making implementation of post-market surveillance easy and cost-effective. 

Market Research

Unlike other consulting agencies, Innomar Strategies has an entire in-house team of dedicated market research professionals. Our team has exclusive insight into the entire patient journey, from prescription to treatment and health outcomes, to help our clients discover the root cause of their business challenge. We offer both qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies that include: study design, recruitment, interviewing and facilitation, statistical analysis and reporting.

Advisory Boards & Advocacy Development

Choosing Innomar Strategies as your advisory board partner grants you access to our exclusive and far-reaching network of diverse stakeholders. From emerging KOLs to leaders in patient advocacy and drug plan managers, manufacturers can gain the expert insight they need for their brand. We have extensive experience in building superior advisory boards for our clients that include: planning, recruiting, coordinating travel and accommodations, facilitation and follow-up reporting and analysis. Whether you are looking for support in designing your ad board or in facilitation, Innomar has proven experience in managing advisory boards involving HCPs, payers and policy makers.  

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

The successful commercialization of medical devices and diagnostics in Canada can be challenging given the complex adoption and reimbursement pathways specific to these types of products. The journey to commercialization involves numerous stakeholders at the provincial and regional levels, including: Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), hospitals and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Innomar Strategies can help you to navigate clinical and reimbursement pathways, identify optimal pricing strategies, and maximize access for your medical device or diagnostic. With the addition of a full-service market research team and health economics capabilities, we can assist you in pre-launch market assessments, expert advisory boards, and health economic analyses to strengthen your commercialization efforts.

InnomarLive™ Conference Series

We are constantly thinking of how we can increase value for our clients and share our deep understanding of the Canadian healthcare landscape. That’s why we developed InnomarLive™ - an interactive conference series that addresses emerging topics in the Canadian specialty marketplace. In these seminars, attendees can hear from a diverse panel of stakeholders and have the rare opportunity for one-on-one private consultations.

For more information, please contact InnomarLive@innomar-strategies.com