Enhance patient care with best-in-class nurses and clinic facilities.


Innomar Strategies offers a full complement of nursing services integrated into our patient support programs and as a stand-alone service to manufacturers. Our nurses are expertly trained in specialty medications and have broad therapeutic expertise. They are focused on ensuring patients have the best experience and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our nurse field team is located across Canada, and patients can receive treatment in a variety of locations including within our specialty clinics, in their home or physician’s office, or in an alternate care setting, such as school, work, or summer camp.

Through our extensive InnomarClinics™ network, patients have access to our network of specialty injection and infusion clinics conveniently located nationwide. Our clinics are fully owned and operated by Innomar Strategies, which ensures consistent delivery of the highest quality patient care and compliance with best practices in nursing. In addition to providing patient injections and infusions, our nursing and clinic services focus on: patient training, medication compliance and persistence, and tracking of patient outcomes.

Expert Nurse Team for Clinic & Home Support

We have a team of over 400 passionate registered nurses located across the country. Our nurses have experience in a wide array of therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology and rare diseases. Whether providing care within one of our clinics, a physician’s office or at a patient’s home, all of our nurses have extensive experience with IV and injectable therapy for safe, convenient treatment. Our nurses also receive extensive training on program- and product-specific requirements, including client specific adverse event reporting procedures, prior to joining a new program.

InnomarClinicsTM - Specialty Infusion and Injection Clinics

Innomar Strategies offers a network of over 125 specialty infusion and injection clinics conveniently located across Canada, with more scheduled to open in the upcoming year. Our clinics are seamlessly integrated into our patient support programs so patients can receive consistent care throughout their journey. Depending on the program, treatment schedules and health outcomes can be tracked and monitored for improved adherence and overall patient experience.

Our clinic services are coordinated with our specialty pharmacy and distribution services, so a patient’s medication can be dispensed and shipped to any one of our clinic locations across Canada, with the assurance of proper storage and cold-chain handling. 

Innomar Homecare Services

For some patients, traveling to an infusion and injection clinic can be difficult. That’s why we offer homecare support for patients where travel is not feasible. Our field nurses offer the same service, care and treatment that a patient would receive in a specialty clinic or physician’s office, all in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Additionally, we offer the flexibility for patients to receive care in a work or school setting, or other locations if necessary. 

Patient & Caregiver Education

Our nurses provide expert patient and caregiver consultation services in a one-on-one setting. Education services can include administration training for self-injectables, product information for enhanced care, and therapeutic-specific education such as diet and nutrition, and other holistic health management strategies. Additionally, we also offer injection training to healthcare professionals and train-the-trainer program options.

Chart Audits

Innomar Strategies offers integrated capabilities of clinical chart audits as part of our nursing services. These audits can provide timely and useful information to help determine patient adherence and compliance, or for patient outcomes assessment. A chart audit can also be used to track the success of a treatment over time or help identify candidates for treatment follow-up.