Delivering superior patient support programs for specialty medications.


Innomar Strategies has over 15 years of experience developing and implementing support programs for patients with conditions that require specialty medication, including rare disorders. We have managed over 110 programs on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Canada.

Our experienced nurse case managers and reimbursement specialists provide bilingual support to patients and HCPs enrolled in our program. Depending on the program’s offerings, our team can help patients obtain insurance coverage for their medication, provide disease management consultation, and help ensure adherence and compliance with follow-up calls.

The advantage of a support program provided by Innomar is the seamless integration with our other specialty services. For example, through our Integrated Model, we can coordinate medication delivery and administration through our pharmacy and nursing network. We also support intake and reporting of adverse events through our drug safety and pharmacovigilance team. 


Discover the benefits of Innomar’s Patient Support Programs:

  • Experts in specialty: Over 15 years of managing patient support programs for specialty medication and therapeutic conditions.

  • Superior support: Our call centre teams are expertly trained to provide best-in-class support for you and your patient.

  • Bilingual service: Support is available in both English and French, and other languages as necessary.

  • Injection/infusion administration: Administration of specialty medication through our InnomarClinic™ network and skilled nursing team.

  • Adherence and compliance: Treatment appointment scheduling and follow-up calls available through our specialized program capabilities.

  • Quality assurance: Strict standards of training and safety procedures resonate throughout all services and capabilities.

  • Innomar integration: Seamless integration into Innomar’s specialty services for consistent support throughout the patient journey.