Trusted nursing support for expert patient care.


Innomar Strategies offers a team of over 400 registered nurses located across the country to provide injection/infusion services to patients. Our team is passionate about what they do; providing expert care to both patients enrolled in our support programs, or referred directly from their physicians for specialty infusions, injections, education, and clinical trial support.

We provide injection/infusion services in multiple settings including within our InnomarClinics™ locations, or within a patient’s home, work or school setting, if desired. We also provide nursing services within physician offices, ensuring patient access to highly-trained staff who are experienced in administering specialty medication.

Our registered nurses have extensive IV therapy experience including central venous access devices and ACLS certification. All of our nurses receive in-depth training, and continuing education to remain current in their field.

Innomar Nursing is committed to delivering the best quality of care to patients, while also giving physicians the peace of mind in knowing that a trained healthcare professional is close at hand at times when they cannot be. 


Discover the benefits of Innomar’s Nursing Services:

  • Large network: A team of over 400 registered nurses located across Canada.

  • Highly skilled nurses: ACLS certification and expertly trained in specialty medication and IV therapy.

  • Injection/Infusion services: Administration of IM, SC injections and infusions.

  • Flexible care settings: Multiple injection/infusion settings available including in-clinic, home, work and school.

  • Education services: Medication and disease state education for patients and caregivers.

  • Bilingual support: Team of bilingual nurses available for an inclusive patient experience.

  • Physician partnerships: Innomar offers nursing services available for physician partnerships. 

Hear what people have to say about our Clinics and Nursing Services...

I was incredibly pleased with the nurse who came to visit me in my home. I was extremely impressed by her knowledge, patience and professionalism.  I am blown away by the support I have received from start to present while being a part of my program. 

- Psoriatic arthritis patient

With the emergency situation my patient had just experienced, I truly believe your rapid response was likely life-saving.  Thank you so much.  Real down-to-earth professionalism in action.

- Physician (Clinical Immunology & Allergy)

I wanted to thank you for all the support I have received. As a patient, it really matters to feel there is someone that cares. My nurse was kind, amazing and had a lot of patience while training me on using my medical device.  She encouraged me with her positive attitude.  

- Multiple sclerosis patient

I couldn’t ask for anybody better than my nurse. One day I was not feeling good and my nurse called just to find out how I was feeling. I was really touched by this call and her consideration.

- Rare disease patient

My nurse has helped me since the beginning of the infusion process with both thoughtfulness and professionalism. I'm able to golf again thanks to my medication and my nurse. I am profoundly thankful!

- Rheumatoid arthritis patient

I was so impressed by the courtesy and kindness from your nurse at your clinic. She made me feel very comfortable and made the whole experience much easier.

- Rheumatoid arthritis patient