Specialty injection & infusion clinics located across Canada.


Innomar Strategies has a growing network of over 125 specialty injection and infusion clinics located across Canada. Our clinics provide safe and convenient treatment options for patients enrolled in our support programs and are the preferred community-based site of care for many patients and physicians/specialists.

Patients are routinely referred to InnomarClinicsTM for a variety of services including infusion and injection services, expert disease management education and clinical trial support. Referring patients to InnomarClinicsTM ensures their treatment schedule and health outcomes are consistently monitored and tracked throughout their journey. Our nurses are expertly trained on all specialty medications administered at our clinics and provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

We own and operate our clinics to ensure standardized, superior quality standards within each facility across the country. Our clinics are integrated into our specialty pharmacy and distribution services to provide timely medication delivery directly to our clinics, physician’s office or patient’s home, while adhering to strict dispensing and handling regulations.

At Innomar Strategies, our goal is to ensure that patients get the care they need, when and where they need it the most. Please refer your patient to InnomarClinicsTM for a consistent and safe experience throughout their journey.

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Discover the benefits of InnomarClinics™:

  • Convenient locations: Over 125 InnomarClinicsTM locations across Canada.

  • Highly skilled nurses: ACLS certification and expertly trained in specialty medication and IV therapy.

  • Injection/Infusion services: Administration of IM, SC injections and infusions.

  • Education services: Medication and disease state education for patients and caregivers.

  • Attending physicians: On-site physicians available at InnomarClinicsTM.

  • Sample collection: Available sample collection services upon physician request.

  • Comfort and care: Clinics are equipped with comfortable infusion chairs, access to WiFi, reading materials, television, and light snacks and beverages.