Shaping healthcare in Canada with real-world insight.


As healthcare professionals, you have tremendous insight into the daily activities and challenges that affect your patients and practice. At Innomar Strategies, we partner with manufacturers to help patients and their families gain access to specialty biologic medication in Canada. To help build the best service possible for our clients and patients, we first need real-world knowledge and experience from individuals that understand the disease state and will use our services in the future.

We offer several different market research and consulting opportunities for healthcare professionals to participate in throughout the year. These opportunities occur frequently and allow HCPs to weigh-in on trending issues affecting healthcare in Canada.


Discover consulting opportunities with Innomar Strategies:

  • Advisory Boards: Contribute on a panel of experts to evaluate new data and products coming to market.

  • Qualitative Market Research: Participate in a one-on-one market research interview with a professional interviewer.

  • Quantitative Market Research: Complete online surveys on a particular therapeutic area or product, based on your experience in those areas.