Building value through scalable integration.


Innomar Strategies is the industry’s leading patient support provider for specialty pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers in Canada. Since 2001, we have been partnering with manufacturers to deliver innovative commercialization solutions to optimize brand performance for specialty products.

What sets us apart? We deliver superior results through our Integrated Service Model – complementary health services that work together to provide end-to-end support throughout the product lifecycle. Whether your product is at pre-launch or at maturity, or you are a manufacturer looking to enter the Canadian market, we understand specialty and will work with you to achieve success in Canada.

Innomar's Integrated Model infographic


Our Integrated Model focuses on six key areas to ensure each step in your commercialization journey delivers consistent and cohesive results for you, your patients and key stakeholders.

We deliver a breadth of flexible, turnkey solutions that are customizable to your business needs. This allows manufacturers to optimize their patients’ experience and maximize their product’s potential with a single service provider that knows their business, therapeutic area and patients like they do.

Innomar Strategies offers manufacturers a holistic and streamlined approach of bringing a product to market and sustaining growth.