The leading specialty solutions provider in Canada. 


Our Company

Innomar Strategies, a part of AmerisourceBergen, is the leading patient support provider in the Canadian specialty pharmaceutical market. Since 2001, hundreds of industry leaders have trusted Innomar Strategies to optimize their product and improve its performance, while delivering superior results to their patients and stakeholders.

Our Services

Through our integrated services, Innomar Strategies delivers customized, scalable solutions to manufacturers of specialty pharmaceutical and biotech products. Market access consulting, patient support programs, clinics and nursing services, and pharmacy and distribution services are just a few of our key areas of specialization. Learn more about our Integrated Model

Our Passion

We believe all Canadians should have access to the specialty medication they need, when they need it, while receiving the best possible care and support from the industry.  At Innomar, we work to make our passion a reality. Our services are built to provide patients, healthcare providers, and manufacturers with the superior quality and results they expect and deserve.


Why Choose Innomar? 


Innomar has been building specialty support services for pharma manufacturers since 2001. We understand specialty and know what it takes to enhance product performance in the Canadian healthcare environment.


We deliver a breadth of customizable solutions that are flexible to our clients’ business needs. Each product, therapeutic area and patient is different, and our solutions are always tailored to align with your goals.


Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. From our electronic Quality Management System to our standardized SOPs, we take the quality of our services seriously and look to go above and beyond every single time.


As the leading specialty service provider in Canada, we have a proven track record of optimizing product performance and enhancing patient experience in a value-based market. We partner with clients to understand their goals and key performance metrics, so we can exceed all expectations.